Escorts in London

Have you heard of Cleopatra Escorts? They have some really nice models. I think it's time to check them out. Some of the escorts are located in Chelsea.

Warning: A Hospital Stay Can Kill You!

I'm sure you or someone you know has a hospital story to tell. This article will guide you to better survive your hospital experience.

Don't Get "Shaved" by Gillette.

It was the end of life for my last Gillette M3 razor cartridge so I headed down to my local pharmacy chain store to replenish my stock. As I shuffled the aisles I came across a monsterous heavy duty plexiglass display. Within it were an assortment of Gillette razor blades and a sign that told me that the only way to get a pack was to see a cashier for assistance. So, after locating a cashier to crack open the safe, I visually inspected the shelves for my trusted Gillette M3 blades but they were nowhere to be found.

Butcher vs City Boy

During a recent trip to a small southeastern town, in need of a variety of provisions, I stopped at a local "mom and pop" style supermarket. While navigating the 2 aisles I overheard a heated discussion between a shopper and the store's butcher. Normally I would have just carried on with my business but this conversation caught my attention and seemed extremely hilarious.

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