Don't Get "Shaved" by Gillette.

It was the end of life for my last Gillette M3 razor cartridge so I headed down to my local pharmacy chain store to replenish my stock. As I shuffled the aisles I came across a monsterous heavy duty plexiglass display. Within it were an assortment of Gillette razor blades and a sign that told me that the only way to get a pack was to see a cashier for assistance. So, after locating a cashier to crack open the safe, I visually inspected the shelves for my trusted Gillette M3 blades but they were nowhere to be found. Under pressure to select a replacement (the cashier was waiting to secure the vault) I chose the Gillette Fusion Pro Glide Razor and 8 blade set.

Escorted to the checkout counter by the security guard the razor and cartridges rang up to nearly $50.00. I rejected the sale and walked out of the store. I started to think how lucky the Amish, Hassidim and the Muslims were not having to shave. I needed blades and I needed them yesterday so using my trusty resource, the Internet, I searched for a facsimile of the Gillette M3 blades I used and trusted for years. Then miraculously my quest brought me to the Dorco home page: I read the many positive reviews and decided to order the SXA5000 & SXA5040 6 blade with trimmer combo pack for $12.37. They arrived in a couple of days. All I can say is "perfectamente!" The handle was quite robust and had much more weight than the Gillette and the 6 blade razor cartridge shaved smooth as can be. I am now hooked and will re-order more soon.

So what makes the Gillette company charge so much for their blades? Well, they own around 90% of the market, they spend thousands of dollars advertising and you the consumer keep paying these extortionate prices. I do support the free market system but you the consumers are being taken to the cleaners by this company who thinks you need a razor with headlights, vibrating handles and zircon encrusted blades. Give these Dorco blades a try and I am sure you will agree with me. They also make razors for the ladies as well.

Let's all stick it to Gillette for being greedy bastards!