Butcher vs City Boy

During a recent trip to a small southeastern town, in need of a variety of provisions, I stopped at a local "mom and pop" style supermarket. While navigating the 2 aisles I overheard a heated discussion between a shopper and the store's butcher. Normally I would have just carried on with my business but this conversation caught my attention and seemed extremely hilarious.
A man with a familiar New York accent and a butcher with a deep southern drawl were debating about different meat sources. The man asked the butcher if his steaks came from a cow. The butcher replied that his steaks may come from a cow, steer or sometimes an ox but rarely bull. Confused, the patron asked "What are the differences and why rarely bull?" The butcher replied "a cow is female and a steer is male.”So what’s an ox?" asked the shopper. The butcher replied "both female and male." Continuing, the butcher stated that bull meat is often too tough to eat." The New Yorker, now looking extremely perplexed, asked for an explanation of the mating habits of each bovine. "A cow mates with a bull and produces a calf also known as veal" tells the butcher. The shopper then blurts "the veal could be male or female correct?" "Both" replies the butcher. Now the northerner being very frustrated says "so, a veal can't mate with an ox because they are both sexes and an ox can't mate with a steer because it's both sexes and a cow would never want to mate with a bull because he's too tough, is that right?" The butcher looked deeply into the eyes of the man and said "son, you must be a city boy."

I left my groceries in place and scrambled the hell out of there.